Cafe Mosaico – Since 2003 -Best View in Quito

By far the Best view in Quito, with excellent menu offerings and the best coffee in town. A must visit for locals and foreigners alike to enjoy coffee or a full meal while witnessing Quito in its fairest light.

Cafe Mosaico’s philosophy is based on creating memorable experiences for our customers,  both local and foreign. We are working with other organizations within the tourism industry to achieve a these experiences of Ecuador through cooperative effort.

Cafe Mosaico is a tradition for locals and a must visit for tourists. Awarded by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, Five Star Diamond Award for World Class View of the Heart of Quito in 2017.

Come to our place and witness of the most amazing sunset! Watch the city light up before your eyes while you enjoy the best coffee in town, hot wine or a traditional Canelazo. If you need directions to cafe Mosaico click here


cafe mosaico ecuador

cafe Mosaico’s Band The Time Tracers

Fridays and Saturdays, the best view of Quito can be enjoyed with the best live music featuring our house band The Time Tracers, from 8:30 pm till 11:30pm. The band plays our favorite songs of all times, from the 40s to the 90s all classics!


Cafe Mosaico is one of the few pet friendly places in Quito. One of our most popular dogs Gaston, has been here almost since we started. Pets are welcome with a cracker and fresh cold water! Cafe Mosaico’s Mican project has helped shelter, fed and sterilize more than 40 dogs from the street.

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