cafe miscelanea

Hecho a mano en Ecuador


100% Alpaca

These alpaca pieces are unique (just one or a few made per model),  100% alpaca and hand made


Crystals and Quartz jewelRy

We offer all kinds of Crystal stones and hand made silver and alpaca jewelry


magical beings

Elves, witches, fairies, mandrake, ents and other magical creatures await you.


high end bags

all of our bags are made with the highest quality materials like paja toquilla, nad made embroidery and leather.


hand made ceramic

All our ceramic pieces are also unique (one of each is made), hand made in Ecuador


premium palo santo

Premium palo santo products like essential oil, sticks, incense and more 



Get some small souvenirs to remember your experience with us!


Don’t forget to stop by after your visit to cafe Mosaico


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Manuel Samaniego

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Quito, Ecuador

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