Travelling to Ecuador?


Cafe Mosaico Ecuador Travel, a highway to discover Ecuador’s Hidden treasures. Ecuador is amazing! If you are thinking about a great unforgettable adventure check out our webpage and let us know how can we help you plan your visit!

cafe mosaico ecuador travel
cafe mosaico ecuador travel

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Tiempo de Fanesca!

Ven y disfruta de la Famosa Fanesca de la tía María sobre la loma del Itchimbia.  Receta original de nuestra abuelita. Solamente viernes sábado y domingo de 1 pm a 11 pm. 

Reservas 2542871

Cafe Mosaico – Star Diamond Award 2017

Cafe Mosaico has been awarded The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) Five Star Diamond Award for “world-class view of the heart of Quito”. The Star Diamond Award is the most prestigious emblem of achievement and quality in luxury travel, luxury hospitality, fine dining and luxury products. Cafe Mosaico has been awarded this emblem for offering a spectacular 180 degree view of Quito, a luxury witnessed by our patrons and visitors. The new concept of luxury today demands that gastronomy, quality, cleanliness, and service (the pillars of hospitality), go hand in hand with emotion. Sitting at cafe Mosaico’s balcony drinking a warm canelazo (local cider drink) and savouring local foods while watching the sun set behind the Panecillo is an invaluable luxury experience.


The award will be presented in July of 2017 by Karen Lynn Dixon, International Luxury Travel Expert and Member of The AAHS Board of Trustees. This award is not only an important recognition for cafe Mosaico, it also highlights Quito as a desirable travel destination. According to the World Travel Awards, Ecuador is one of the leading destinations in South America and Travelling to Ecuador tops tourists’ lists.

Cafe Mosaico Ecuador Diamond Awards
Cafe Mosaico Ecuador Diamond Awards




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