Yes, we are pet friendly!  We welcome your four-legged friend with fresh water and kibels.  And

don´t worry, you can always indulge your pal with our Pet Friendly menu!


From left to right Cafe Mosaico’s famous four: Gaston, Lupita, Eros and Mia

Cafe Mosaico’s philosophy is based on creating a memorable experience for all of our customers including our favorites… animals.  We are an unofficial organization for the rescue, care, and adoption of street dogs in Ecuador.  Through our Mican Project,  we currently sponsor 12 dogs under our care and aid other private organizations that work for the well-being of street dogs.  Cafe Mosaico has rescued, sterilized, and given in adoption over 40 dogs since we started in 2013.  We gather funds and sponsorship from the product sales of our brand The Cookie Box (the best cookies on Earth!).



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