Our famous chili recipe comes from a home recipe.  It was created around the flavors we enjoy in Mexican home-cooking. Originally meant as a good meal in front of the TV with a mountain of nachos, this family favorite became one of our top sellers here at Mosaico after inclusion of our Mexican Cat Peeler Alley menu. We use a combination of fresh tomatoes including plum tomatoes, grown locally at a friend’s farm in Cumbaya. chili con carne.jpeg We make our own mix of chili powder giving priority.We spice it up with Tabasco and thick grounded black pepper corns. We let the chili  boil when adding a new ingredient, a secret from our grandmother (best cook in the world). Fresh Jalapenos are chopped and added at the beginning and at the end of the process to give it flavor and make it hot! Beans are boiled separately with no salt (salt makes beans hard), another secret from grandma…

If you haven’t noticed we make two kinds of chili: one more watery for eating in a bowl with a spoon and another one thicker for burritos. same recipe, just add more tomato…

Originally served with nachos or bread, but here we serve it with white rice and slice of tomato. The word our there is that this chili is addictive, dare to try it!



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