This was our friend Mican. Rescued from the streets of Quito, he became part of our Mosaico family. He was the happiest dog in the house, indeed he was the happiest dog in the neighborhood as he would accompany all the neighbors to their houses or on their walks!  Like many dogs in our country, Mican was killed by poisoning. Guards from the neighboring park poisoned our friend because he would occasionally chase their motorcycles.

Our sadness was deep, especially because there was nothing we could do about it. Our country didn’t have laws to punish people who injured animals. Since his death, we decided to help more and so far have helped more than 60 dogs from the streets. We have given them the chance to be safe and healthy again . He is the reason for this Project.

About Me

Hi! Im Mican, I was adopted by cafe Mosaico in 2010. Alex the owner found me outside another business he had back then called The Cookie Box. I was always outside the door sleeping. He fed me and gave me a home. I came to the Mosaico but I never liked to be indoors. My world wa teh Itchimbia park. Me and my friend Buddy will ran in the park all day. Patrolled the neighborhood and sometimes when it got we would swim in the lake. I was always a very clean dog. never came back smelling weird. When got to hot to be outside I would go inside the cafe and sleep under a chair. Sometimes I will steal Alex’s chair. The best seat in the house.


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