Cafe Mosaico is a place that represents a mix of ideas, people, food and music

Café Mosaico opened its doors in 2003, offering locals and tourists a café with an extraordinarily breathtaking view of Quito that is simply unparalleled.

Alexander and Lidia Karras opened the café with a clear vision to elevate their food, service, and ambience to an unprecedented level that was nonexistent in Quito at that time.  Born of Greek and Italian roots in New York City, the founders saw a dire need for a unique establishment with a blend of European and American styles.  The Karrases wished for the atmosphere of a casual European café where people can enjoy a simple conversation over a great cup of coffee, yet with the option to order a large New York style salad or sandwich.  Incorporating their roots, the founders additionally desired to serve flavorful Greek food, which at the time, was unavailable in all of Ecuador.  Before opening, few believed that the café would attract many visitors given how new establishments with unique concepts seldom have easy beginnings.  Despite such obstacles however, after being open for a mere four months, Café Mosaico was already having to turn away customers due to the overflow of people that wished to eat at the establishment.  And just as a café should be, it became, and to this day remains: “the place to see and be seen”.  With nearly one million visitors to date, Café Mosaico remains committed to being an integral part of the Ecuadorian experience, a must-see for all tourists and locals alike.



Café Mosaico has the most spectacular view on the entire street, and even the whole hilltop, due to its unique location where the street bends, which allows an extensive view of the entire marvelous city of Quito.


While most cafes keep their spaces enclosed to keep out the elements, our open balcony allows the scenery to appeal to all of the senses, with the weather as a contributing aspect of this experience.


Atmosphere is an essential component in any venue, and Café Mosaico has dedicated time and effort into developing our individual ambience because we understand that our café is more than just its diverse menu and superb service. Our magnificent terrace with its open view of the beautiful city of Quito has contributed to our atmosphere in a positive way.  Our scenic location has cultivated a laidback environment where locals and tourists from all over the globe can sit, relax, enjoy delicious food, hear excellent music, and appreciate the elegance of Quito.  That is why we are not a restaurant, but a café, where the emphasis is on the holistic experience.


Café Mosaico’s concept was created by a couple of New Yorkers, which is why our business in Quito is special. We encountered numerous setbacks when we first opened and even today solely because we break expectations and norms, and we run our business outside of the existing closeminded form.  By fighting this uphill battle, we have distinguished ourselves as a point of interest in Quito because we stand out in an extraordinary manner.

The Place

From our color, lighting, and décor to our kitchen commotion and food aromas, we aim to be a place that looks and sounds like it is in the business of servicing our customers. Our café has the air of being busy and of doing business, and this spirited energy is what cafes are all about.   The two floors offer a different feel, while still maintaining the same, overall café atmosphere.  Our layout additionally allows us to attend to groups of varying sizes, with the option to host private groups, either large or small, in our downstairs area.

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