Zero Waste – Cafe Mosaico Ecuador

While cafe Mosaico understands that being completely zero waste is next to impossible, it nonetheless strives to change the world for the better. We recognize the global emergency that is occurring on our planet and in response, we have been changing our production and service methods extensively throughout the last few years.  We addressed all aspects of the cafe that could be improved in order to minimize and eliminate waste.  We immediately stopped buying and offering plastic straws when we became aware of their detrimental effects on our marine life.  Additionally, where we previously used plastic bags to portion food, as all restaurants do, we invested a fair amount to switch to reusable containers, and by doing so eliminated a considerable amount of plastic waste. Furthermore, we exchanged beverages sold in plastic bottles with returnable glass bottles.  Before our eco-friendly shift, we generated four bags of garbage a day.  Currently, we generate between one and two bags, primarily composed of organic matter.  We pride ourselves as being a leader in the green initiative among food establishments in Ecuador.  

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